8 Awesome Benefits Of Being A Perceiver That Other Personality Types Won’t Admit

Thought Catalog

Flickr, anton petukhovFlickr, anton petukhov

Sometimes I hate to admit this, but I love Myers-Briggs! Sometimes, I wish that there were regular conventions, where I could go discuss types and functions with people for a week straight. Preferably ones where attendees could get tee-shirts and blown-up infographics that illustrate their type. Sadly something like that will never actually happen because introverts want to unite, but separately… in their own homes.

Anyways, speaking of introverts, Google seems to have an overstock of introvert and extrovert stories. Not many cover intuition vs. sensing, or the other two MBTI dichotomies. Today, was a pretty play-by-ear day for me, and it inspired this explanation why I love being a perceiver. In case anyone is wondering what my type is as they read, I’m likely an INFP/ ENFP mutt. I like my INFP side the most because it allows me to relate to the mysterious population. My…

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