8 Common Misconceptions About ENFPs

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ENFPs have four modes of processing input: Their first is extroverted intuition (Ne), which dwells in ideas and possibilities and make connections about the world around them. The second mode is introverted feeling (Fi), which processes things according to an internal value system and analyzes how the ENFP feels. The third is extroverted thinking (Te) which organizes information in a logical fashion that produces the best possible results. The fourth is introverted sensing (Si) which organizes information and stores past experiences.

Because extroverted intuition and introverted feeling are the two main functions of ENFPs (and therefore the most readily apparent), quite a few stereotypes develop about how this type behaves and processes information. Here are eight common misconceptions about this ever-contradictory type.

1. ENFPs are go-with-the-flow

Here’s the thing about ENFPs: When we don’t care about something, we don’t care all the way. If we’ve decided that material possessions…

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