17 Things To Do When He Unexpectedly Hurts You

Thought Catalog


1. Let the tears flood the pain.

You need to cry. Whether it is for 3 minutes, or 3 hours, let the tears drown your sorrows for at least the first night. Your hurt heart deserves to let everything out.

2. Occupy your mind.

Make yourself busy. Do not sit around and think because that could be very dangerous. Do activities that you find to be therapeutic. Paint, write, run until your lungs give out. Whatever it is that you need to do to keep your mind away from him, do it.

3. Do not question.

Why? What if? Is this what I deserve? Was it me? Was it something I did? You’ll never find the answers to these questions, and even if you did they wouldn’t benefit your situation in any way. No matter how many questions you ask yourself, or him, it doesn’t change the fact that…

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