Three Positive Habits To Practice Every Single Day

Thought Catalog

Richard P J LambertRichard P J Lambert

There’s a lot of stuff you’re supposed to do each day. Not just work and family and a million other obligations, but all the intangibles we hear are important, from meditation and practicing gratitude and being healthy. The problem is that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of it…and end up doing basically nothing. Except feel bad and negligent of course.

There’s a better way. It starts by starting simply. Everyone should start with just three positive habits that they can easily practice each and every day (for instance, I squeezed them in on my wedding day). They’re what are called foundational habits. Each one is doable, demonstrably beneficial and best of all, allows you to build other positive habits around them. If you can check these three boxes off each and every day, you’ll not only be more successful, but you’ll be healthy, happy…

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