Confessions Of A Binge Reader (Or, How I Read So Much)

Thought Catalog

Abhi SharmaAbhi Sharma

If you have a lot of books in your house, people usually assume one of two things: a) you’re a speed reader, or b) you spend all your time reading. And they’ll usually ask you this outright like you’re some kind of weirdo.

In my case, because of my reading list and some of my articles, I get asked over email. For simplicity’s sake, I have always answered rather sheepishly, “Yes, I do spend a lot of time reading.” I am definitely not a speed reader, but I’ve realized over the last few months that my answer hasn’t been totally honest. In fact, I was lying to hide a secret that I was evidently ashamed of. Inquiring minds may have thought I was a bit strange before, but if they really knew, well… It doesn’t matter because that ends now.

I have a problem. I am…

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