Bad Days 101: 7 Ways To Lift Your Spirits When You’re Feeling Down

Thought Catalog

Bad DayBad Day

1. Move that body

In the famous words of Nelly, “Move that body/Work that body girl/Twist that body/Shake it shorty.” Nelly knows what’s up.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter produced naturally in your brain that plays a role in happiness and feelings of pleasure. The best way to produce more dopamine? Exercise. Although the last thing you may feel like doing is shuffling your legs along at 7mph or doing dumbbell curls in front of your fellow-gym-goers, sometimes you’ve gotta put mind over matter in order to feel better. And the gym isn’t your only option! Walk your dog (or your cat — they like it, I swear) do some pushups on your floor, skip rope, or dance to your favorite song in your room by yourself. But close your blinds first.

2. Talk to your Mom

She pushed you out of her body voluntarily. She loves…

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