21 Essential Lessons About Friendship I’ll Teach My Daughter

Thought Catalog

Shutterstock / karelnoppeShutterstock / karelnoppe

My little bouncing baby girl will be 1 next week. As she transitions from squishy real life doll to an actual human child, I’m equally excited and worried about the friends she’ll meet in this world. I realize that she’ll look to her parents’ behavior for cues on how to act and interpret the people around her. Here’s what I plan to teach her:

1. A great friend looks out for your best interests.

She knows what makes you happy and supports you in finding it.

2. Friendship is a two way street.

If you find yourself putting in way more effort than you’re getting back, the friendship has become unbalanced. There are times when one of you may need to rely on the other more than vice versa, but this should not be the definition of the friendship.

3. Beware the attention seekers.

These are people…

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