15 Struggles Only Chronic Forgetters Understand

Thought Catalog

Finding NemoFinding Nemo

1. Your calendar = your life.

If something’s not on your calendar, there’s a 0% chance that you will remember to do it when the day rolls around.

2. You’re constantly paranoid that you’re forgetting something.

Whenever you have to go somewhere, you stand in your doorway for a solid five minutes doing a mental tally. Keys? Check. Phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Wait, keys?

3. The ratio of times you’ve rushed out the door to the number of times you’ve been locked out of your apartment is like 3:2.

Your existence is your local locksmith’s holiday bonus, because, you know, you forgot where you hid the spare key too.

4. The “I came in this room for something, what was it?” game.

The ProposalThe Proposal

Your roommates have made a drinking game of you. Any time you walk into a room, look around with a confused expression, swear, and…

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