12 Signs You Should Just Go Marry Your BFF Already

Thought Catalog

Broad CityBroad City

1. They saw you throw up that one horribly drunk Halloween and didn’t just hold your hair back, but also brought you water, a little something to eat, and an Advil in preparation for the hellacious morning you were undoubtedly going to face. If that isn’t spouse material, then I don’t know what is.

2. On those days when everyone in the world seems annoying and horrible and you just HATE EVERYTHING, you not only still tolerate your BFF, but you even like them. They are the glimmering sliver of light in a torrential downpour of cloudy, dark MISERY. (No pressure ya’ll)

3. They respect the things that are important to you, even if they don’t quite understand them. “Oh, you need to collect every and anything that has a shark on it? Cool, do your thing, girl.”

4. They keep you accountable. The best relationships are those…

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