34 Truths We Need Stapled To Our Foreheads

Thought Catalog

Flickr / Zhao !Flickr / Zhao !

1. You’re as amazing as you let yourself be. And for so many of us, this is terrifying. Debilitating. And so we keep ourselves small so as not to risk the inconvenient truth that we could be everyday superstars, if only we’re bold enough to surrender to our true power. Live large.

2. We don’t get to live the same year twenty times in a row and call it a life. We call that waiting to die.

3. The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret. Get your ass out of the chair and go do the thing you said you were gonna do. Be incredible.

4. We are worthy of every want and need and hope and desire we have. It’s our secrets that define us, so own every last part of yourself, warts-and-all, because every part of you is a…

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