The In Between Friend Zone: Where Do You Stand?

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Flickr / Mikael TigerströmFlickr / Mikael Tigerström

I am certain that almost all of the female species have asked this inexhaustible, unrelenting and infuriating question on their minds.

“Well, I’m in what zone?”

I’m not gonna sugarcoat this because this part of the never-ending relationship cycle is a load of BS. I mean, honestly, why can’t this be as simple as, “we’re just friends”, and “I want a relationship with you”. That seems like a good idea, isn’t it? So, why aren’t we doing it?

As you all know, there are only two zones we’re gonna end up with. Guess what? (sarcasm).

Voilá. The “Friend-zone” and the “Romantic-zone” (got it from a series I was watching). It’s actually self-explanatory, I mean, who doesn’t know the difference? You might have been in that zone far longer than the other. You might have been comfortable in that zone. You might even be trying to jump…

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