5 Ways To Know You’ve Found A Lifelong Best Girlfriend

Thought Catalog


Good friends come and go, but sometimes you can just tell that you’ve found your lifelong partner in crime. This isn’t your husband. This isn’t your boyfriend. She’s bigger than that. She’s your best friend, and she’s your everything.

Here’s how you know you’ve been blessed to find her:

You have fun doing absolutely nothing.

You don’t need to plan big outings when you get together. Hell, you don’t even have to go out. You can talk for hours on end about nothing and everything, laughing at shared experiences and doing some soul searching along the way. Sometimes you don’t even need to say real words to communicate, because you’ve spent so much time together that you’ve literally developed your own special language. At some point, people will joke that you must be dating, and you’ll just look at each other and laugh. But somehow, when you’re together doing…

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