I Still Think Of You When I Hear That Song

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Unsplash / Juskteez VuUnsplash / Juskteez Vu

I met this guy Mitch at a party the other night and he reminded me of you. I told him that. I said, “Mitch! You remind me of my friend, Chris!” And it was kind of sad because you’re not my friend anymore, not really. I don’t even know if you were ever my friend. You had this way about you, of making people feel like they were close to you, but when I’d look over at you when you thought no one was looking, I could see that pain. The moment someone wasn’t looking your way, the charm and the sheen of your smile would drop and I could see you retreat into your mind. It was even more prevalent when we’d drink together. Do you remember how one time we didn’t have a condom and you were like, “We could have a kid together!”…

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