We Never Happened, And That Has To Be Okay

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Since we met, I’ve fallen in love with somebody new about once a week. But it started with you.

You, the guy who travelled through three countries in an afternoon to be with me. You, the guy who sang in supermarket checkout lines and didn’t care who turned to stare. You, the guy who twirled me around, teaching me to dance like they do in the black and white movies. You never chastised me when I messed up the steps (again), you just tittered and made a show of yourself to distract from my embarrassment. You, the guy who made the talk meaningful, giggles easy, trust simple.

I fell in love with you hard, and fast. Willingly. I was ready to love. I chose you.

And I continued to fall, even after you told me that you were seeing somebody – kinda. Maybe. You didn’t know how to describe…

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