When It Feels Like Your Worst Day Happens Every Day

Thought Catalog


Don’t try to avoid it. Don’t try to pretend like it’s not happening. Acknowledge it. Acknowledge that you are struggling and going through a hard time. Acknowledge that you have to force yourself out of bed every day, because, for some reason, at this moment in time, you are going through a rough period.

Acknowledge that this is happening. It takes the power away from all of these negative thoughts gives the power back to you.

Keep going. You’re not the first person who’s had a bad period like this, and you won’t be the last. When you need some encouragement, walk down the street. Go to a coffee shop. Look at people on the train. Look at the people in the car next to yours at the red light. These people have gone through what you’ve gone through. Not your exact experience, per se, but they’ve just been…

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