Why Moments Are Meant To Be Fleeting

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Flickr / Alagich KatyaFlickr / Alagich Katya

Every once in a while, life concedes an elusive moment; it loosens its possessive grip on time, and lets you sink inextricably into the beauty of the now, with neither pull from the past, nor allure of the future. These are the moments of pure contented elation – extraordinary in their simplicity. These are moments that tattoo themselves to your soul so that by the time you have the wisdom to reflect back on your life, a significant part of you is a patchwork of these snippets in time. Pristine snapshots – mere glimmers in the long light of your life, but they are unforgettable, unshakeable, inextinguishable glimmers.
You will probably only get a handful of these transcendent moments in your life. Time will seem to stand still, and nothing but the authenticity of the moment you’re in will matter; it is the feeling of…

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