Are Politicians Psychopaths Or Emotionally Intelligent?

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House Of CardsHouse Of Cards

Emotional Intelligence started with a question. Two academics, John Mayer and Peter Salovey who invented the whole field started chatting about politics while painting a house.

Salovey (now Dean of Yale College and Professor of Psychology at Yale University) and Mayer (now Professor at University of New Hampshire) were talking about their research on cognition and emotion, and got to discussing a politician.

They wondered: How could someone so smart act so dumb?

The Paradox of Emotional Intelligence

How is it that so many people in positions of power and leadership achieve this level and maintain in, despite that fact that their emotional intelligence is perceived as low.

Mayer and Salovey started to look at an alternative to IQ as a measurement of “success”.

And while Daniel Goleman helpfully complied all of there research into his book of the same name, the question of success relative to…

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