This Is What We Really Like About Mindfulness

Thought Catalog


If “mindfulness” wasn’t last year’s buzzword, then you can be sure to bet on it being one in 2015. Already there have been countless articles written about the practice, especially recently, as the New Year inspires people to make resolutions in hopes of improving certain aspects of their lives. The benefits of this age-old practice have been gaining more ground as of late, being empirically supported by collaborations between today’s great meditators and scientists. Often these benefits are felt immediately; reduced anxiety and stress, experiencing more pleasure and joy, contentment with the present moment (rather than anxiousness about the future), and greater compassion.

But why are we suddenly astounded by the power of breathing? Surely meditation is no novelty, for it has been written about for centuries – millennia even. Perhaps it has become popular because of its nature. Forcing us to unplug and focus on a single, simple…

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