What A (Lonely) Single Girl Is Really Thinking

Thought Catalog

Khánh HmoongKhánh Hmoong

Sometimes, being single can be a good thing – you focus on your interests or career, learn to love and be yourself and fully independent. But what happens when that girl has done that and is ready for someone to love and love her back – yet that never happens? The world isn’t fair, nor is it perfect but that’s just how life is. For those who are happy being single or in loving relationships, before you judge that single girl for what she appears to be like on the outside – know that these are the thoughts that she will think of constantly – yet never tell.

1. She may be genuinely happy for her friends becoming engaged or married; however, that also serves to remind her she is still alone and the things that she is missing out on.

2. As cheesy as it sounds, being…

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